About us

Sostanza S.r.l. is a software company that designs and creates solutions for digital communication and sharing of information in real time, thanks to web technologies.

Alessandro La Ciura

Technical Director|R&S |Founder of Chatexpert, of Sostanza s.r.l. and LiveHelp
He has a talent for: identifying the right methodological and logic procedure to handle any project and ensure complete counseling.
and for: winning at foosball.

Valentina Trevaini

Sales Manager|Co-founder of Sostanza s.r.l.
She has a talent for: interpreting customers' needs and the actual goals of the projects from beginning to end, making sure that they are carried out.
And for: putting so much passion in running and gardening!

Giovanni Levati

He has a talent for: demonstrating that LiveHelp® the best chat solution and "pampering" customers before and after purchase.
And for: dispensing smiles to everyone.

Alessandro Fornari

Consultant and Project Manager
He has a talent for: targeting, coordinating and optimizing LiveHelp®'s operational activities in function of business goals.
And for: tasting and appreciating all the foods of the world, from the roman tripe to the insects of Borneo!

Adele Brancadoro

Head of Business Development
E' un’esperta di Digital Customer Care grazie ad una consolidata esperienza ultra decennale nel settore.
Nell’ambito dell’International Business Development di cui è a capo, gestisce servizi evoluti di caring e di engagement in una logica multicanale.
Ha maturato nello specifico una conoscenza profonda e strutturata di tutte le industry, in particolare delle Telco, del Finance e del Travel.

Floriana Cantarella

LiveHelp®Project Manager
She has a talent for: taking care of LiveHelp accounts, from setup to fine tuning.
And for: solve crosswords.

Federica Miglioli

Web designer
She has a talent for: conceiving, designing and creating the website, from creativity to technical development, with attention to usability.
And for: eating tons of candies without getting fat!

Andrea Benti

Technical Developer
He has a talent for : developing, implementing, integrating, testing the software.
And for: being an Atalanta Football Club supporter!

Matteo Lubinu

Web Developer
He has a talent for: design, prototype and develop websites in a creative and original way, guaranteeing the best User Experience.
And for: video games!

Patrik Gontarski

Web Developer

Barbara Ripamonti

Chatbot Specialist

Ivana Persico


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